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Learning Disabilities Remedial Teacher’s Training Diploma Course
About the Course


This course provides special education suitable for teachers, parents, social workers who aspire to help dyslexic individuals and similarly affected persons.
The training involves multi-structured and multi-sensory remedial strategies, teaching techniques and improvisation needed for individual’s learning capacity, also considering other needs through caring attitudes and positive motivation.

Course Contents: Theory Lectures. (All lessons are audio-visually supported)
  • ♦ Introduction to the types of learning disabilities
  • ♦ Informal assessment procedures
  • ♦ Strategies to teach reading, writing & mathematics to people suffering from dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia
  • ♦ Behaviour management of LD children.
  • ♦ Developing IEP plan for teaching

Practical and internship
  • ♦ Practical training will include working with 2 cases of LD children. Placement for internship will be arranged by our institute at its own clinic or in an established organization.

  • ♦ Candidates are given the freedom to select their own cases at any other organization if they desire so.
  • ♦ MANTHAN provides facility to its qualified students to work at its clinic with LD children.

  • ♦ Students are eligible to work as special educators privately or with any organizations, schools or clinics.

  • ♦ Enterprising students are offered guidance and encouragement to set up their own clinics.

  • ♦ Parents may use the training and skills to help their children.

Commencement and completion of the course:
  • ♦ Minimum 40% marks are essential to pass the theory examination.

  • ♦ 85% attendance is mandatory to be eligible to appear for theory test.
  • ♦ Diploma certificates will be awarded only upon completion of the practical work in the clinic by students. Parents may submit report of work carried out with their own children.
  • ♦ Diplomas will be awarded only at the appointed time during the convocation or meeting dully arranged for the purpose.

  6 months
  Theory Classes: 11.30 to 1p.m. OR 3.30 to 5.00p.m. (Twice - a - Week)
Practical Work: Timings will be fixed individually with the clients
10.30 to 1.00 p.m. (Saturdays) OR 3 to 4.30 (Saturdays)

Fees: Rs.18,000/- + Rs.500/-(Registration Fees)